Part Details

The “home” for an individual part. Link Applications, Interchanges, Internal images, Notes, and email content to a given part. A storage box for everything related to a master part with in a catalog.

Applications, Interchanges, and Quick References

In the part building process, we can hold a part from being announced or processed in reports by flipping on the “research” tag.

Allowing you quick access to what a parts fits is a vital in your workflow. Either during the research process, mapping to new vehicles, or simply doing a lookup for a customer you will have the information at your fingertips in way that is straight forward.

The interchange tab is one of the most used pieces inside the part details section. This is where OEM, Competitor, Supplier, Factory, or any other interchanges you would like to store and share have a home base. Using these interchanges for private label branding or to build out specialty catalog for your customers and channel partners makes this section very powerful.

​The Quick reference is a small, but powerful feature for the catalog manager or lookup user. Allowing you to quickly jump for a summery view of the application that a part fits to the application section of your catalog to see how the part your looking up relates to the other parts that share the same vehicles.

Specs, Notes, Documents, Images, and Email

Specifications can be turned on and off at will and where designed to give the catalog manager a small taste of the part attributes. Dimensional information about the part is stored and is useful during the research process.

Static quick notes about the part are essential and allowing plenty of room to save them is what we have done here. You will find ways that suite you and or your team with a number of open static note fields at your disposal.

Save factory and supplier documents internally in regards to the master number. We have found over the years more information is being passed back and forth regarding a given part number and being able to catalog the document(s) with your parts is essential in the “repository” setting of the DM.

Pasting the contents of email strings with data stamps is a great way to keep history on a part. No more searching over your email. Simply open the tab click the stamp and paste in the contents of your email for safe keeping and easy recall

Checkout this overview video of our Part Details section!

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