How Branded Catalogs Drive Sales!

How Branded Catalogs Drive Sales!

If your currently tasked with creating catalog(s) re-branding them is inevitable. The customer demands of the catalog data and resources has never been higher. Traditional retailers, wholesalers, online retailers, and market places like Amazon are driving catalog creation and delivery of branded catalogs. Using a wholesaler as an example and them wanting to keep their own identity in the market place it was imperative that we created a catalog of their own. The task of building a new application set, new product set, water marked imagery, and any other catalog related information was going to be a big job. The new catalog is 100% necessary for this customer’s needs, but building a separate catalog was unrealistic. The vehicle application catalog updates and additions alone is an unrealistic task give the return on investment. Re-branding from the existing catalog was a much more accurate, cost effective, and rapid solution to market with little to no effect on ROI. By using our current catalog, the continued maintenance and additions are easily passed through to the branded catalog. Also setting the stage to re-brand to many more customers and even some existing customers. Thus, we can sell more of our parts.

Cost Effective

 The number one concern about cataloging is the ROI. By using the current catalogs, we can re-purpose the catalog/work you have already invested time and money into.  There is no need to reinvent the wheel when its already rolling. With a small effort inside the DM you can easily and effectively manage many branded catalog(s) while using the existing catalog as a base


Quick to Market

Utilizing the branding strategies you can quickly and accurately produce the branded catalog for consumption almost immediately. Once the  customers needs have been established (part number schema and coverage) all or portions of your catalog can be extracted, re-branding, and automatically delivered on your behalf

More Accurate

Many hours have been put into your catalog already. The continued updates and editions are easily passed through the branded catalogs to your customers. Ensuring your companies standards are consistent across all sales channels. By using the re-branding strategies you are able to update/maintain one base catalog instead many.



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