Export and Deliver

The DM physically sends email and/or files via FTP to you and your clients directly without interaction from the user. Simply set a delivery record and the system does the rest. Deliveries are fully customizable, so don’t waste time sending emails, uploading to FTP, drop boxing, ect.

Deliver your Data.

These options are truly unlimited:

  • Catalog Receivers

    • WHI

    • Epicore

    • MAM

  • Sales Force

  • Customers

  • Product Managers

  • Purchasing Managers

Deliver product information.

Since this delivery technology is embedded into the software you are able deliver anything.

  • ACES application catalogs (.xml/.csv)

  • PIES product files (.xml/.csv)

  • Buyer’s guides

  • Interchanges

  • Product images

  • VIO reporting

  • Application coverage reports

  • Product announcements

  • Client templates for e-commerce

  • Client pricing (with integration)

  • Inventory feeds (with integration)

Checkout some sample reports.

Application Coverage Report

Holes Report

VIO Report

Vehicles in Operation
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