The smartest way to manage your aftermarket data!

Now available in 3 easy ways!

The smartest way to manage your data is finally here! After 20+ years of building and rebuilding catalogs for wide variety of aftermarket suppliers DPI has developed a state of the art system that simply delivers! This in house system is affordable for a single line product manufacturer/supplier, but is able to scale to an enterprise level. The DM delivers. Imagine no more manual .xls sheets. No more look-ups from spread sheet to spreadsheet.

Real catalog data combined with product information, ERP/Inventory costs, price, and availability. Now imagine this is done inside one system with a user interface that can be mastered in just an afternoon. Therefore lessening the learning curve of a traditional PIM.

Deliver data to all departments and customers across the market from one central repository. Built on a cost and user friendly yet scalable MySQL database we have complete access to the data. Meaning access to the data has never been easier. Any report, feed, spread sheet or .csv you can want is accessible. Looking at strategies we can build complete import files for online commerce, product announcements, product information to sales people, digital media to online retailers; virtually anything.

​The DM can connect to your ODBC compliant ERP/Inventory system and deliver PIES data with your customer’s pricing, inventory feeds or any other inclusive reporting you may need. All of which can be done on an automated hands free schedule within the system. Security and safety of the data is paramount offering on and off site back up to Amazon Cloud Servers for safe keeping.

Use the links to the right for a more detailed look at just some of the features the DM has to offer.

How it works


Easy and efficient way to map your parts to the industry standards(ACES/PIES). Utilize our simple and intuitive interface to find the vehicles that fit your parts.


By utilizing the industry standards VCDB (Vehicle Configuration Data Base), PCDB (Parts Category Data Base) and PADB (Parts Attribute Data Base) we are able to pull the most recent application information, parts attributes, and configurations to keep your data up to date.

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